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The "Mouvement Chrétien des Retraités"(Christian Retirees Movement) (MCR) is a movement of Catholic Action recognized by the Church of France in the service of all retirees.

Created in 1962 at the initiative of retired lay people, the MCR's mission is to help people to live well at this stage of their lives and to make sense of it.

For this purpose, the MCR is attentive to the problems faced by retirees, particularly in the social, ethical, religious and cultural spheres.

It is also attentive and present to all current social problems.

It collaborates with all the ecclesial and lay organizations that work with and for these people.

The MCR is 40 000 members, 4000 teams present in all departments of France and Overseas.

In its Orientation Report, it proposes to its members:

  • To go to the heart of the world
  • To live paths of fraternity
  • To testify and take a stand.

To act :

  • Meet, welcome, listen, accompany
  • Act in partnership with other associations
  • Develop links between generations
  • Participate in cultural trips, spiritual retreats

To reflect :

  • Exchange on cultural and social projects
  • Rely on faith as a force of renewal and a resource for living

To learn, to train:

  • Debates, conferences, retreats on current topics
  • Specialized training sessions


Quarterly magazine:     Nouvel Essor

Address:                         15 rue de Sarrette 75014 Paris

Phone:                             00 33 1 43 20 84 20

Email:                              This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.